The Secret to Turning Your Passion for Music into a Thriving Business as a Music Go Round® Franchisee

Franchise of the Month Music Go Round

Millions of people earn a living by working jobs that put food on the table, pay the bills and help them save for the future—but they’re just not excited about their careers. Many of them daydream about earning a living doing something they truly love. However, you need more than passion to make money. You …

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Make Fear Your Friend

Make fear your friend

Fear.. We are all exposed to it in varying amounts of intensity at times. We have all experienced it since childhood. And as adults, fear can sometimes keep us up at night. Our fears change over time. Children are afraid of monsters under the bed or getting into an argument with a close friend. As …

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She Owns It: Window Genie

She Owns It Window Genie

Catherine Little is a brand new owner of Window Genie of Meridian, Mississippi. Window Genie, founded in 1994, is a nationally ranked mobile window cleaning service franchise offering residential and light commercial window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more. Recognized as one of the fastest growing franchise systems in North America, Window …

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Franchise of the Month: Lash Lounge


The Lash Lounge is in the catbird seat of the $60 Billion dollar plus beauty industry.  Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing segments of that pie, and Lash Lounge is one of the fastest growing franchises in the space.  Women place a high value on their appearance and busy lifestyles are driving the …

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The Only Reason to Buy a Business is to Sell a Business

The only reason to buy a business is to sell a business

Think About the End at the Start Often I discuss with potential franchisees when we meet not only how to start owning and operating a business, but planning their strategic exit as well. This shocks some people, because they’re just starting to explore the business and financial possibilities that come with owning and operating a …

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Your Road Map for Investing in a Franchise

The Road Ahead - Franchise Due DIligence Process

When you are investigating a franchise or any business opportunities, it’s important to be committed to doing a lot of legwork.  Remember when you are speaking with a franchise, you are either speaking to the franchise development team or directly with the owner in the case of emerging brands.  They have one job and one …

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