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Our process of due diligence in business ownership and franchise consulting helps ensure that you don't settle for the wrong franchise, and that you discover industries and business concepts that will match your skillsets, income and lifestyle goals and personality. This can result in a much higher level of satisfaction in your new business.

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Success Stories

'Thanks to Jane I am now a new franchise owner and I'm loving every minute of it. I thought that the process was going to be tedious and complicated, but thanks to Jane Stein, it was fantastic! She was instrumental in coordinating everything from franchising to financing. Anytime I had a question about business, Jane had an answer and if she didn't she was very quick getting me in touch with an expert in the biz. She is an expert in her field and expect to get great results from her dedication and determination in helping you. Thank you Jane!'

– Norma Tyree

'Jane is awesome to work with so if you're thinking of buying a franchise, you'll save tons of time utilizing her array of resources. She'll do the research and gather the statistics you need in order to make a decision in choosing the franchise that's right for you. It's been a pleasure working with her.'

– Roxanna Clary

'I am a Franchise Development Manager with Rhino7 and I had the opportunity to work with Jane and her candidates through our exploration process with Scout & Molly's. The end result was those candidates partnering with Scout & Molly's.Throughout the entire process Jane demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She was involved every step of the way and was able to provide great insight to her candidates. These are truly great characteristics to have because business ownership can be intimidating and it is invaluable to work with someone with the experience and background Jane has. For anybody who is looking to franchise I would highly recommend working with Jane.'

– Trevor Steenholdt

'I had the privilege of working with Jane Stein and highly recommend her services to anyone seriously exploring purchasing a franchise. She is a consummate professional. Jane went well beyond just reviewing the personality/skills assessment survey to get to know my wife and I personally. I believe she does this with every candidate to ensure she completely understands the clients' goals. Jane is committed to her client's success.

Jane's experience and access to virtually all the major franchises gives her the ability to carefully match the right one to the goals/skills/personality of her clients. She was both encouraging and challenging during the process to ensure my decision was right for me. Jane was always readily accessible and quickly responded to my questions. Jane also took the time to bring industry data to the evaluation process so I had additional objective information and wouldn't have to rely on franchisor claims or my own research. This saved me a great deal of time and built confidence in my choices.'
– Jeff Reinsma

'I met Jane when I was looking for a career change and wanted to start my own business and worked together for about four months. Jane helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and provided great recommendations based on understanding my abilities, experience and preferences. I liked working with Jane because she is honest, not pushy at all and has a genuine desire to see her clients succeed. Additionally, Jane goes the extra mile to find resources or answer a question she is not sure about with a sense of urgency. I recommend Jane to anyone who is looking to explore or get a franchise.'

– Talia Bond