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Jane Stein

Jane Stein Your Franchise is Waiting

Franchise Consultant/Broker and Founder
Your Franchise is Waiting

Previously with a large Wall Street firm, Jane Stein was a Certified Financial Planner for over 25 years, and provided comprehensive wealth management solutions for a large base of families – representing over 250 million in assets. She wrote an investment column, and conducted public seminars titled “Money Matters for Women”, in an effort to empower women to take charge of their investments. As a certified franchise consultant, she helps men and women achieve financial security through business ownership.

Jeremy Bollington

Jeremy Bollington

Franchise Consultant/Broker

Jeremy spent 20+ years in the banking industry, leading large teams with HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, in the UK, Hong Kong and New York. He made the transition from corporate life to business ownership in 2016, becoming an Area Developer and multi brand/location franchisee.

Jeremy is now using these experiences to help guide others as they consider business ownership. While Jeremy works with individuals from varied backgrounds, he has developed a specialty focus towards those seeking to emigrate to the US via the E2 Visa program, helping such clients find a franchise to support their Visa application.

Jeremy currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Elaine. In 2022, after 25 years in the US, both Jeremy and Elaine became US Citizens.

Terri Furman

Terri Furman

Franchise Consultant/Broker

Born into the world of small-family business ownership, Terri started her own company after working in the corporate world for a decade. In the past 20 years, she has owned/operated three successful businesses, in real estate, mortgage lending and sales consulting. Terri now takes great pleasure in using her keen business acumen and forward looking entrepreneurial spirit to enrich the lives of others through helping them realize their own dreams of business ownership and financial independence.

What We Do And How We Do It

Through a series of conversations and assessments, we’ll help you determine your strengths, transferable skill sets as well as your lifestyle objectives. We then identify together some optimal industry categories. And finally, after looking at some demographics in your target market area we’ll identify several good business options for you; businesses that align with your primary goals, needs and expectations – and are within your funding capabilities. We’ll also help you perform your due diligence as well as research all your franchise funding options.

Our process will greatly simplify and improve your navigation through the entire process from business selection through discovery and negotiation. We’ll provide tools and resources that will assure that you ask the right questions and can interpret the answers. By the time we’re done, you should have all the information you need to move forward. Or find the clarity that franchising is not for you.

It’s our privilege to help people find and launch the business of their dreams – or one that will provide them with the financial security they are seeking. Business and franchise ownership is very empowering – and helping others achieve this great American dream is something we are passionate about.

Franchising – What It Is, What It Isn’t

Before you get started on your search for a franchise, it’s important to examine what’s most important to you in a business. If you don’t understand what you’re looking for or why, it’s going to be pretty hard to find it.

People sometimes think that they can just buy a franchise and let someone else run it, which is not the rule, at least not initially. Another misconception is that because it’s a franchise, it will be easy. Well, the truth is, it is much easier than starting something from scratch, but certainly not easy. Running a business is demanding. It takes determination and will. It takes discipline and emotional strength. It takes patience and realistic expectations. Franchising is not a get rich quick proposition. It’s a get rich slowly, with a lot less risk, long term plan. It does not produce instant results. Are you prepared to ride the waves of business ownership knowing that it will not be an easy or a smooth ride?

Most people think what they are buying with a franchise is a brand name. Of course, you are, but it’s NOT the primary reason you should be considering a franchise. You are buying a system. You are buying someone else’s education from the school of hard knocks. You are paying them (a franchise fee and royalties) to save you the tens of thousands of dollars in ineffective processes and systems, also known as “trial and error”. You are buying a complete instruction manual on how to do every single aspect of your business well, the first time around, not the tenth.

The number one reason small businesses fail is due to inadequate startup capital. Many well intentioned, and smart business owners think that starting their business will cost them a set amount. They don’t account for the ridiculous amount of unknown expenses that they were totally unaware of at the time of their planning. This is the pivotal error that is next to impossible to plan for and yet takes so many business owners to bankruptcy court. This is what you are paying for when you purchase a franchise, a known entity – with well validated start – up costs.

Is Now Your Time?

Now close your eyes and picture your dream business. What kind of hours would you work? What type of clientele would you want? How many employees do you want? What could you do that would make you feel amazing at the end of the day? A good tip here is to think about what you currently enjoy with your company and also what you currently complain about. These are things that you’ll want to address, include, and/or exclude from your dream business.

From here the process becomes much simpler, fill out the Contact Form. One of our team members will contact you to assist you with the resources you need to get started on your path to franchise ownership. The award process can be quite stringent, but don’t worry, we’ve been through this a time or two and know exactly how to help you every step of the way. And if you’re just tire kicking and looking for information, that’s ok too. Our goal is to make everyone that reaches out to us better educated after they’ve spoken with us.

Jane Stein is the author of “The Girlfriends Guide to Franchising” which is a series of educational workshops and resources to help empower women interested in franchising. Offered in conjunction with franchise consulting services and franchise funding information and education.

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