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Franchise of the Month!

People often ask us what the “hottest” franchise brands are out there right now. This month’s Franchise of the Month is one of the fastest growing franchise brands in the US with tremendous PR buzz and recognition on many of the franchise “ lists”. Here’s some of the reasons why and what makes this brand …

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She Owns It – An interview with the founder of Honor Yoga

Honor Yoga: Honor Yoga is a non-intimidating, dedicated and purposeful complete yoga and meditation studio franchise with a significant ROI opportunity. The Honor Yoga mission is to provide a welcoming, beginner-friendly, and accessible-to-all yoga studio that fosters support of the community and the environment. This reflects Honor’s understanding and commitment to yoga as a practice …

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She Owns It! Hobby Quest

Hobby Quest is an educational enrichment franchise that has been in business since 2003 and franchising since 2015. It’s a business with extremely low overhead that you can be open within 90 days of signing your contract.  It’s the sole vendor in the US for an aviation program founded on STEM learning – in addition …

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She Owns It! A story of two Allisons (but one is Alison)

  Songs for Seeds is an innovative business model that combines music with early childhood education for a little rockin’ and a lot of learnin’! Songs was Created in 2009, by the “two Allisons” (Allison Schlanger and Alison Qualter Berna), and their husbands Bobby and Craig, By 2010 they were already voted “Best Music Class” …

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She Owns It! Spaulding Decon – a very unique business model

For this month’s “She Owns It” series, we are profiling Laura Spaulding-Koppel, the founder and President of Spaulding Decon.  Spaulding Decon is a fast growing franchise providing crime scene and meth lab cleanup to homeowners.  Hoarding and mold remediation is another significant part of their business. Franchisees can enjoy multiple revenue streams by providing restoration and …

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A Father’s Day Franchising Tale

This is a Father’s Day tale for all those fathers who spend too much time in airplanes or on the road and are missing out on  seeing their kids grow up.  The window of time before they leave for college or other places is painfully short.  Jimmy Brown was tired of it and felt he …

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