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Franchise of the Month!

People often ask us what the “hottest” franchise brands are out there right now. This month’s Franchise of the Month is one of the fastest growing franchise brands in the US with tremendous PR buzz and recognition on many of the franchise “ lists”.

Here’s some of the reasons why and what makes this brand extremely unique.


This brand attracts high-caliber individuals for a reason. The corporate team comprises some of the most driven, purposeful and straight-up awe-inspiring people around. There’s this palpable spirit of collaboration, drive, and pure, unfiltered joy that leads their guests to remain fiercely loyal. This unique culture is at the center of everything they do. The culture is head-strong, heart-filled and hand-crafted.


Beauty is the guiding light for this brand. We’re not talking about the skin-deep, all-for-appearances visage, but authentic beauty — the essence that leads to strong relationships, acceptance, support, respect, warmth, hospitality, laughter, joy and delight. You’ll provide beautiful experiences in beautiful settings; an intentional approach that will appeal to all the senses.


Everyone moves together, aligned as a community. Corporate and franchisees and employees are allies who support the strength and integrity of the whole and work to make each other smarter and more successful. They listen. They stand together. Everyone supports each other and extends this authentic, genuine sense of unity to everyone who is a part of this brand.


Everything they do is purposeful, fueled by mindful intention. Powerful and palpable, you can feel this wide-awake clarity when you visit the locations. What began with a vision to build a franchise that would offer exemplary service, has turned into operating as a positive force in business and in their local communities. They are innovative and energetic, yet their growth and perpetual re-invention is thoughtful and meaningful. There is a strong focus on the details and the large, sweeping landscape to create a whole experience for your guests that is mindfully constructed — down to every last ingredient in every product, and every step integrated into your guests visit.

Day in the life of the franchisee

  • Works on recruiting for unit 1
  • Develops leaders at the unit level
  • Creates effective work schedules
  • Reviews and shares monthly financial data
  • Develops and organizes local co-branding opportunities, an example is a co-marketing opportunity to set up a table in an Orange Theory Fitness studio
  • Manages local advertising spend
  • Can participate in the Franchise Advisory Board (FAB)

So to summarize:  Rabid fan base, killer corporate culture based on community, team and fun – with a little cheeky built in.

Market economics – This is a market by all accounts that is growing organically between 7 and 9% per year.

Unit economics – outstanding.

Clean immaculate attractive work environment – for you, your team and your guests.

Business is open 7 days a week.  This is NOT a luxury service and is considered basic maintenance by a large subset of women.  And men, to a lesser extent.

Plug and play – very simple business model.  Most franchisees are multi-unit owners


To learn more about this business, just fill in this form and I’ll email you the deets.



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