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Franchise of the Month – ACTi-KARE


Experts believe that the home care industry is still in its infancy.  This is a very big baby with annual revenues in excess of 9.5 Billion and annual growth rates expected to continue to be north of 10% through 2022 according to IBIS.  That’s one of the highest growth rates of ANY industry. With the ability of Medicare Advantage plans to cover the costs associated with home health care starting in 2019, the revenue explosion is just beginning for well run businesses in the space.

One of my favorite franchises in this arena is Acti-Kare.  For many reasons –  but primarily cost, support and the resources they provide franchisees .




Acti-Kare corporate will assist you with all aspects of licensing, local marketing, referral techniques and caregiver recruitment and training. Acti-Kare will actually STAFF your initial group of caregivers.


Inbound Call Center


 Acti-Kare has a call center (very unusual in-home health care) to handle all inbound calls and set appointments for you. The average phone call is 15 minutes.  This saves countless hours, not to mention the expense of you hiring an inhouse admin/sales person to do that job.


Outbound Call Center


Acti-Kare also provides outbound calls from website inquiries or leads from third party lead generators to set appointments for their owners!  The professional call center reps also act as Chat operators on your individual website.  They also call your local referral partners such as hospitals, rehab facilities on your behalf to introduce and schedule appointments for you with the right personnel.  Because nobody likes to “cold call”. 


Marketing Support


Acti-Kare has an experienced IN-HOUSE marketing team, creating your print, digital ads and banners for your online campaigns.  They are masters in helping you get your phone to ring via pay per click and Facebook advertising, among others.  One of their most effective promotion provides one free day of care – with the ad fund paying your caregiver expenses!  You’ll be provided with a step by step 12 month marketing plan for your opening.


Low Cost


Acti-Kare has flexible package options with franchise fees starting as low as $19,750 (based on population), making it truly the lowest cost option out there for people with a passion for this business and limited funding capabilities.


The leadership team are the same people who made Club Z tutoring one of the most successful home-based tutoring franchises in the country.  One organization, two great brands..


Contact us today to get a free IBIS report on the state of the industry, and to learn more about this innovative brand.


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