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Franchise of the Month – Catalyft Success Systems


This months franchise of the month, is actually not a franchise at all.  It is a licensing model where you can own your own business coaching system – focusing on the most underserved of the marketplace, the solopreneurs!

I first learned about Catalyft from a women I heard speak at one of my local networking events – Colorado Business Women.  One of the members was praising the results of her work with another member – who turned out to be a certified Catalyft business coach.

A little bit of background: Danny Ballard & John Zentgraf were two successful business owners who met in Denver, Colorado in 2003.  They mentored each other and realized the need for a business coaching platform that would serve other businesses like theirs, that would incorporate a philosophy of growth for life and a process to sustain it. Over the years they developed a foundational concept called The Pinnacle Success System™ which provides entrepreneurs with a proven process to outshine  the competition by de-commoditizing their view of themselves and their businesses, and then applying this new awareness to all aspects of their productivity, offering, and processes.

They decided to begin offering licenses (rather than franchises – more on that below) in their proprietary systems and processes in 2015.  They recently joined one of the broker networks that I’m a part of and since then have been on an upward trajectory of offering their proprietary certification classes and awarding of licenses in their very unique business model.

Licensing VsFranchising.

Licensing  is a legal relationship where a party is granted a right to use a particular trademark or technology in exchange for a one time fee (in this case $35,000).  So this would appeal to candidates wanting a low commitment arrangement that still offers support (both up front and ongoing) to open their own business coaching business with no territory restrictions.  In the case of the Catalyft business model,  there are no long term commitments – if you want to continue to renew your license and be able to use their proprietary materials you will pay an annual royalty of $1500.

This is a business for someone with a business background, or even someone with an existing business coaching practice, who is wanting to have a proven business model complete with turn key systems, workbooks and manuals within the proprietary Pinnacle Success System.  Your clients won’t be the fortune 1000 executives – it likely won’t even be the businesses with more than 25 employees.  Those are served by all the other coaches in your market.  

Your target clients will be the small business owners and solopreneurs that occupy most of the local networking groups that you are likely already attending – that represent more than 98% of all the businesses in this country.  You will offer monthly peer mentoring groups for an extremely attractive price point where the cost will NOT be a barrier.  These entrepreneurs lack clarity, have no one to bounce ideas off of and need a safe place to share their ideas and struggles.  They are typically working “in” their businesses and not “on” their businesses and are burned out and not seeing the results they hope for.

That’s where you fit in!

With an investment this low ( $35,000) , this is a business for anyone wanting a flexible schedule, and the thrill of helping their clients follow their passions and purpose, and achieve greater success and satisfaction.


To learn more about this innovative and fun business, click here.


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