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Franchise of the Month – Contender eSports

This month’s FOM offers a semi absentee model that is the first franchise to cash in on a billion-dollar industry.  Recently I set up a google alert for stories on competitive gaming and esports and not a day goes by without me getting 2-3 articles about big name athletes cashing in, equity funds and other savvy investors.  Now there is a franchise that is a simple low-cost business model that allows you to bring to your city an entertainment destination that a surprisingly large percentage of the 15-35 year olds in your town (and yes, we mean girls and young women too) will be drawn to.  This business is on trend and it’s a trend that is not going anywhere but up if you believe the smart money that are investing.



You’ve heard the craze around the world for competitive games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty … and so many more.  But did you know that universities are now offering scholarships to gamers, tournaments are broadcast on primetime TV?  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, bought an eSports team. So did Mark Cuban. And Ashton Kutcher, Magic Johnson, A-Rod, The Philadelphia 76ers … you get the picture. eSports is a global phenomenon.

Contender eSports is the first franchise in the world providing high-end gaming centers for these players.

As a location owner, you can bring to your city an entertainment destination that includes console gaming (XBox and PS4, generally for 8-15 year olds), as well as PC Games (generally for 16-35 year olds).  These centers generate revenue for you through hourly gameplay, monthly club memberships, tournaments, summer camps, training sessions with professional esports gamers, food and merchandise and even watch parties.  If you are near a campus or a military base – this is likely to be a very good fit for your market.

The primary features of this model are that it is semi absentee (really almost passive after you’ve met the players in your community and talked with them about what you’re building), completely turnkey including real estate selection and low labor model (one staff member per shift) and very low operating expenses.  They are fairly flexible as far as the type of location – you will not need to be in any sort of “A” location or busy street front.  The influencers in your community will quickly draw traffic to your door and we teach you how to identify and meet the influencers.  They will be thrilled to have a clean, attractive place to game with high end equipment and food and drink.

Because of that real estate issue solving the problem of high up-front buildout costs and monthly rent, your total initial investment as per their item 7 is anywhere from $170K – $270K (ish)_

This is a brand that JUST started franchising (as in a few months ago) so you will have to be a bit of a pioneer to invest in this brand.  Contact us for much more additional information.

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