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Franchise of the Month – Go Mini’s


This month’s selection is in an often-requested category – while few understand the capital requirements involved.  Go Mini’s Moving and Portable Storage supplies pods – the most popular way to move and store.  They are providing customers with the convenience, control and cost savings of renting, moving and storage using a mobile storage container that is delivered right to their doorstep!

Industry insiders praise Go Mini’s superior product and customer service, as well as an operations model that requires minimal staff and fewer demands on the owner. Unlike other portable storage companies that demand burdensome fixed costs, such as warehouses and forklifts, Go Mini’s better-built, ventilated containers withstand the elements and resist humidity and mold. Consumers value the difference and appreciate that Go Mini’s offers a 20-foot container, the only franchised portable storage company that does.

The average American moves nearly 12 times in their lifetime.

Add to that  home renovations, floor refinishing and the occasional emergency –  such as fire, flood or storm damage, and you can see that there will always be demand for convenient, flexible, portable storage solutions.

Most portable storage companies will deliver and pick up a container to the customer’s home. But the similarities end there. Go Mini’s offers a clear advantage that the customer sees and values.

  • Containers offered in three different lengths — 12 ft., 16 ft., 20 ft. — and Go Mini’s is the ONLY franchised company with a 20 ft. container.
  • Better built containers that offer superior protection for customers’ property.
  • Eight-inch ground clearance protects against sudden heavy rains; climate-controlled ventilation reduces humidity, moisture and mold.
  • Engineered to go in more challenging spaces (narrow driveways/alleys) with padded wheels to protect driveways.

There are many advantages to owning a Go Mini’s franchise:

  • Semi-Absentee Ownership
  • Minimal Staff/Home based
  • Simple delivery system – allows you to get into tight fit places that the competition can’t
  • Warehouse NOT required: Their superior container is thermodynamically designed to be mold resistant, heat resistant & sweat proof.
  • Recurring monthly revenue 

Targeted Territories:

Washington, Oregon, California, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada,

Financial Requirements:

The nature of this business is capital intensive.  Therefore, you should have net worth of over $1MM and the ability to fund around $500K of containers in your first 18-24 months or so of operations.

The ideal Candidate:

In addition to the financial requirements they seek franchisees with an owner/operator mentality, prior experience in running a business a vibrant attitude and excellent customer service skills.

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