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Franchise of the Month – Namaste I Nail Sanctuary

History: The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Michael Elliot and his wife Mecca Elliot, a certified meditation instructor and self-healing coach, Namaste | Nail Sanctuary was inspired by a need.

The Elliots recognized that many men and women today live extremely busy and stressful lives and they simply don’t have time to disconnect or decompress from our fast-paced ‘always on’ culture; a culture that has them constantly connected, crowding their brains and leaving them burned out.

In May of 2017, while visiting friends in Frisco, Texas, they experienced a light bulb moment: The time that men and women devote to their routine nail care can be dual-purposed; they can get a great mani and/or pedi while simultaneously de-stressing in an ultra-Zen environment specially created for relaxation, meditation and nail care.

Remarkably, even before announcing the franchise opportunity, more than 566 licenses were awarded as part of nine Area Representative agreements. It is projected that there will be over 39 locations open and operating by 2021.

Their ZEN.

With a mission to create a nail sanctuary that’s an optimal environment for relaxation,  guests expect Zen architecture, soft lighting, stone fountains, serene colors, moss art and walls, relaxing audio, ultra-comfortable custom seating, privacy draping, personal flat screen TVs, noise-cancelling headphones, 3-zone air purification systems, and a variety of premium nail polish brands – all combined with ultra-hygienic nail care services and clean business practices. Additionally,  guests have the option to use  Deepak Chopra Dream Masters – audio and visual programming which use light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to help the user relax quickly and reach a variety of beneficial states of consciousness and relaxation, and our Cocoon – a dedicated meditation space for guests to begin or continue their state of relaxation.

10 Great Reasons to own a Namaste I Nail Sanctuary

  • Namaste’s unique and disruptive offering is different than every non-affiliated nail care business.  No franchise offering is quite like Namaste l Nail Sanctuary either.
  • Their meditation and relaxation-focused sanctuaries with ultra-hygienic protocols set Namaste | Nail Sanctuary apart from the thousands of indistinguishable, bright, loud, chaotic and unsanitary nail salons across the nation.
  • Seventy-five percent of people experience moderate to high levels of stress.  The potential for a nail sanctuary that offers superb nail care with a multitude of services, doubling as a simple, routine way to reduce stress is a revolutionary idea.  And Overdue!
  • Recurring Revenue is built in to this offering.  Members need to get their nails done.
  • The nail services industry continues to grow with $9 billion spent on nail services each year.
  • The nail services industry is highly fragmented with no national brand leader…
  • An average of $112 a month is spent on nail services
  • The necessity, frequency and amount spent on nail services each month fits perfectly within their monthly membership plans.
  • Their 6-Point Real Estate Plan provides you with a wide variety of location types and effective location strategies.
  • The executive team has many decades of combined franchise and nail services experience.

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