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Franchise of the Month! October

This month’s mystery franchise is in the red-hot wellness sector.  It’s an emerging brand with such an attractive offering that territories in desirable markets are selling out.  Pioneers who have invested are both seasoned franchise folks and novices who are attracted to the space, which IBISWorld projects will rise at an annualized rate of 2.7% over the next five years (far exceeding the overall economy) to a $20.4 Billion industry.

The employee count is low, each location requiring a nurse and a hospitality type of person who will do scheduling, retail sales (an important add on revenue line) and greet the clients.

There are 5 pillars of revenue – the #1 being a service that is an average of $150 that people come back for every 2-4 weeks or so.  The other 4 revenue lines are rising quickly (as a percentage of overall revenue) and are all in the arena of health.

With a lower cost buildout making your total investment in the area of under $250,000 (according to their item 7) and very low cost of goods this is an opportunity to be considered for any market that is reasonably affluent and health conscious.  (think Trader Joes and boutique fitness customers).

Rounding out their franchise offering is a substantial discount for multi-unit owners (as most franchisees are to date) and a very attractive Area Representative program that is allowing this brand to build out rapidly.


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