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Franchise of the Month – Redbox+

This month’s feature is a VERY unique business that has a patent in the not so sexy container and portable toilet industry.    On most construction sites contractors are required (by law) to have a waste container and porta toilet.  For contractors, this results in the need for two vendors, two invoices, two pick-ups and multiple pick up charges.

Redbox + is a PATENTED roll off container and porta toilet – IN ONE.  Eliminating work and saving money for contractors. In addition to the waste container combination, the Redbox + roll-off trucks are fitted with an on-board tarp system, hoist, a pump and vacuum apparatus to service the portable toilets, skid guards and equipment storage compartments.  The pump and vacuum system include holding tanks for fresh and waste-water containment, allowing the portable toilets to be serviced on-site before contents are disposed of.

If you are seeking a one of kind business with an exclusive U.S. patent offering a HUGE competitive advantage with an extremely low labor count (maybe 2 employees) that is very semi absentee – i.e. 5-10 hours a week let’s talk about this unique business.

The owner operator model looks a little different with the owner taking care of : scheduling, route planning, inventory management, maintenance, administrative and bookkeeping activities and marketing.

Due to the capital requirements of the business you must have a net worth of $500K and liquid capital of $150K to be considered for a territory.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter with good business IQ including a good understanding of profit and loss statements.  Construction relationships are helpful but not required.


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