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Franchise of the Month – Rush Bowls

This month’s franchise of the month is Rush Bowls.  Rush Bowls has redefined what it means to have a healthy meal on the go.  After opening in Boulder, Colorado in 2004 at the very start of the healthy food wave – Rush Bowls has become one of the fastest growing franchises in the country.   They expect that by July 1 they will have awarded 75 territories in 15 states.

Rush Bowls’ menu includes acai bowls like the Beach Bowl with acai, mango, banana, guava juice, organic granola, and honey, as well as other fruit bowls with mix-ins and toppings.


The bowls have plenty of texture – blended fruits topped with organic granolas for crunch.  Some have ingredients like green tea, avocado, Chai, kale and even cayenne – as well as all the staples like organic freshly made peanut butter.  These bowls are nutrition and very filling and really serve as meals, not in-between snacks.

“With sales of healthy and all-natural food in the range of one trillion, this is a massive market that continues to grow rapidly,” says Andrew Pudalov, Rush Bowls founder. “We never get tired of seeing people smile upon their first bite of a Rush Bowl and look forward to introducing even more consumers to this easy and delicious way to keep health in their everyday lives.”

Rush is open for multi-unit development and are looking for pioneers who would like to develop large areas over time.  While Rush is a young brand, the executive team are very experienced restauranteurs who are currently recognized amongst Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 25 as the owners of over 300 restaurants.  You’re investing in a cool new concept that is spot on trend, with the backing and support of some of the most experienced restaurant guys around.


Total Investment: $282,000-$499,000

Minimum Net Worth: $550,000
Franchise Fee: $ 80,000 (3 Pack)

**There is currently a 3 store minimum unless other stores are being developed in close proximity**


To find out more about Rush Bowls – Schedule a call with us here

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