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Franchising Funding Solutions

Our consulting group has relationships with several funding solutions to match almost anyone’s needs and special circumstances.

There are many franchising financial assistance programs, loan brokers, retirement rollovers (offering tax free opportunities for buying your business) as well as traditional and creative funding options. If you would like to view our list of lenders to assist you with funding your franchise Contact Us today.

Questions to ask about funding a franchise:

  • Do you need financing for the purchase of your franchise?
  • Do you have money in an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account?
  • Would you like to access the money in your retirement account to invest in your own business, without taking a taxable distribution?

By rolling your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh or other retirement funds into a 401(k) franchise financing vehicle, you can:

  • Buy a franchise, lower overhead and increase your success rate. Instead of sending interest payments to a lender, you can use your money to purchase advertising, buy equipment, lease a company van, or use it in any way that will bring you quicker profits.
  • Eliminate personal liability. Use your own funds to avoid pledging your home or other assets as loan collateral and potentially jeopardizing your personal credit.
  • Maximize tax-deferred benefits. By investing your retirement funds into your own franchise, you can reinvest your profits tax-deferred in your business or in your retirement account. Build your business while you grow your retirement nest egg!
  • Enjoy flexibility. You can mix your retirement funds with personal funds or capital from other investors. It’s the ideal financing structure for husband-and-wife teams!
  • Invest in yourself. Unlike taking risks in the volatile stock market, financing your business with retirement funds is an investment in yourself & one that you can control.

Discover your retirement account’s true investing power (and the ability to finance your franchise with money you already have).

Curious if you can afford a franchise and not sure of your funding options?


IRA Rollover Solutions

Funding Calculator

Let’s take a look at what type of franchise funding you might be qualified to receive. There is absolutely no obligation to use this calculator – this is simply a free tool we provide to help you decide on what funding options may be best for you. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Totally free to use – you can use this tool without any obligation to use our services.
  • Get your results immediately after you submit your information

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One of the biggest contributors to any new business failing is going in undercapitalized.
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  • Most franchises are funded with one or a combination of these six funding options
  • We can connect you to our lending resources and will help determine your best option.

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