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Our Referral Partners

Michael Reeder CPA, Swartz & Reeder Advisors

Michael Reeder CPA, Swartz & Reeder Advisors
Michael is a CPA with a niche working with buyers in the franchise and business resale worlds. He provides free consultation calls to buyers going through the business investigation and investment process. On these calls, Michael answers questions buyers have in the context of accounting, tax, entity structure, funding, financial projections, resale financial statement due diligence, franchise disclosure document (FDD) items 5,6,7,19,21 as it pertains to their business investigation and investment process. Reach out to Michael to schedule your free consultation call. Working with Michael and his firm in a paid context subsequent to the free consultation call can be discussed with Michael at your convenience.

C: 847-302-3397 (call / text)
P: 847-241-5800 ext 2
E: [email protected]

Nancy Lanard, Franchise Attorney – Lanard and Associates.

Nancy Lanard, Franchise Attorney - Lanard and Associates
As you progress with a franchise investigation, an important question you should ask yourself is if you need an attorney to review the documents. The answer is absolutely, yes! This is a legal contract that you are entering into which can impact your business for years and cost you a great deal of money and time to fulfill. It is important that you have an experienced franchisee attorney, such as the attorneys at Lanard and Associates, review the documents to be on your team to protect your legal rights and explain the documents to you. The attorneys at Lanard and Associates have over 20 years of experience evaluating franchise documents nationwide for their clients. Franchise law is a highly regulated, complex and specialized area of law that involves federal and state regulations. It is important to have experienced franchisee counsel review the FDD and franchise agreement even if the franchisor indicates that the agreement is not negotiable. Many times these “non-negotiable” documents are negotiable and can be amended to clarify terms or add provisions. The attorneys at Lanard and Associates represent clients nationwide looking at investing in a franchise. The review by our attorneys will include explanation of the expectations a franchisee should have, the obligations the franchisee has to the franchisor, any concerns that the attorney reviewing the documents may have and requirements imposed on the franchisee that are not typical and that may present a concern. All of our franchisee services are at a flat fee, so you know up front exactly what your expense will be. Expect around $2000 for a thorough single unit review. Watch this 14 minute video to learn what is most important in reviewing the FDD https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#label/Lawyers/15af7c1423c9f0e2?projector=1

Nancy is a Legal Eagle – an honor presented to the top franchise attorneys in the US named by Franchise Times Magazine in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

Tenant Wisdom– Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (Tenant Representation)

Mark Casey Tenant Wisdom
With over 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate field, Mark Casey has assisted a wide range of entrepreneurs, private and public companies, as well as non-profit organizations, in successfully leasing over 1-million square feet of commercial and industrial space. While TenantWisdom’s primary focus is Colorado, he assists clients worldwide in evaluating the right properties and helps you secure them at the best lease pricing he can negotiate on your behalf.
Other national real estate partners are available.