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The Road Ahead - Franchise Due DIligence Process

Your Road Map for Investing in a Franchise

When you are investigating a franchise or any business opportunities, it’s important to be committed to doing a lot of legwork.  Remember when you are speaking with a franchise, you are either speaking to the franchise development team or directly with the owner in the case of emerging brands.  They have one job and one job only – to sell you a franchise.  It is true that with most brands they are looking for a good “fit”, someone with the savvy and acumen to succeed in executing on their business system.  And you won’t be awarded the territory if, at a minimum, they do not feel you have that.  But assuming you were introduced to a concept by a franchise consultant – it’s likely that the brand is a good fit.

This infographic covers the road map to the franchise discovery process that you will follow as you begin your journey into franchise ownership. For more information about the steps in the due diligence process, please download our Free eBook.