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Matching Qualified Candidates with Franchise Partners

When you buy a house you go through a stringent process of checks and balances to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying BEFORE you lay down your life savings. When you are looking into purchasing a franchise even more is at stake. You are considering a purchase that will determine your future income and stability. Some of the benefits of working with a franchise consultant are:

  • Access insider knowledge
  • Reduce franchise research time
  • Preparation for franchisor meeting
  • Better understanding of the terminology & process
  • The possibility of negotiating more favorable terms
  • Our services are offered at no charge to you – we are compensated by the franchisor if and when there is a placement

Franchise Consultation

Franchise Consultation

Our database is filled with franchise systems that have proven to be successful. There is a franchise for every budget, some starting at as little as $30,000. The opportunities are endless. We will search for the right match for you.

Here are just a few industries where you could own your own franchise:

  • Computer and technology
  • Educational services
  • Financial services
  • Fitness services
  • Home services (painting, decorating, remodeling,etc.)
  • Retail
  • Medical lab and testing
  • Real estate
  • Spa/beauty services
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Franchise Funding Options

Funding Options

Purchasing a franchise is a big-ticket item. But even if you aren’t able to pay for the franchise in cash, funding options, including both traditional and non-traditional options, are available to those who qualify. Programs include SBA loans, home equity lines of credit, unsecured business lines of credit and even retirement rollovers — which offer a tax-free option on the purchase of your business. For a complete listing of franchise funding lenders and programs, please contact us today.

  • Do you need financing for the acquisition of your business?
  • Do you have a retirement account in either a 401 (k), personal IRA, or some other retirement savings account?
  • Did you know you could finance your business using these funds, and avoid paying taxes on the distribution?
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Franchising 101 E-Book

The Franchising 101 eBook

This complimentary guide will give you the language you’ll need to know when looking for franchise options, and the steps involved in the due diligence process. Just call or Contact Us today and we will send this guide out to you. This guide includes: .

  • Facts you MUST know
  • Franchise funding information
  • Franchising FAQ’s
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