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Franchise of the Month – Redbox+

This month’s feature is a VERY unique business that has a patent in the not so sexy container and portable toilet industry.    On most construction sites contractors are required (by law) to have a waste container and porta toilet.  For contractors, this results in the need for two vendors, two invoices, two pick-ups and multiple …

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Franchise of the Month – Athletic Republic

This month’s FOM is one that will be of interest to anyone who was either in competitive sports or who’s children were.  You probably would do (or did) anything to help your kid raise his level of ability.  Now there is a unique business model focused on just that.  For a variety of sports. Sports-performance …

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Franchise of the Month – ACTi-KARE

  Experts believe that the home care industry is still in its infancy.  This is a very big baby with annual revenues in excess of 9.5 Billion and annual growth rates expected to continue to be north of 10% through 2022 according to IBIS.  That’s one of the highest growth rates of ANY industry. With …

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Franchise of the Month – Spavia!

This month’s business model is one I am a user of  myself, The combination of an incredible leadership team plus the growth (past and projected) of the demand for their services makes this one you should take a look at if you’re seeking a semi absentee business you can be proud to bring to your …

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Franchise of the Month – Rush Bowls

This month’s franchise of the month is Rush Bowls.  Rush Bowls has redefined what it means to have a healthy meal on the go.  After opening in Boulder, Colorado in 2004 at the very start of the healthy food wave – Rush Bowls has become one of the fastest growing franchises in the country.   They …

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Franchise of the Month – WaveMAX Laundry

This month’s feature is an investment model geared for that business savvy empire builder looking for a semi absentee model that can be run with very few employees.  Your business partner is franchise start up pro Dennis Mulgannon – who successfully launched Home Care Assistance, Junk King and The Flying Locksmith into the the national …

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