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Franchise of the Month – Blue Moon Estate Sales


Calling all treasure hunters, garage sale devotee’s and people obsessed with Antique Roadshow! Here’s a business that you can love what you do, start part time, and make money to boot.  As estate sales are primarily held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – this is a great part time business where you can keep your …

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Fall – The Perfect Time to Find Your Franchise

For many, the fall marks a time of renewal. The kids go back to school and this tends to lead to a shift in approach to business as well. The long days of summer have come to an end and the holidays are right around the corner. With a renewed bustle of activity, there is a feeling of something ending and beginning at the same time. Fall is the perfect time to reflect, regroup, and make a plan of attack for the end of year and beyond. Perhaps, it's with this feeling of renewal that it's time to get the ball rolling to start your new business. That's why fall is the perfect time to find your franchise - and it will give you ample time to open your business in the new year marking 2016 as a new beginning.

Here are some steps we'll be going through to find your perfect franchise.

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