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The Problem Older Women Face in the Workplace

The Problem older Women Face in the Workplace

The spotlight on women in the workplace seems to be brighter than ever these days. With female college graduates surpassing male graduates consistently for over 30 years, you would think that the trend would lead to an increase of women in leadership positions and the C-Suite.(1) Unfortunately, that isn’t the case According to a study …

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She Owns It: Oasis Senior Advisors

She Owns It Oasis Senior Advisors

Oasis Senior Advisors provides a free resource to seniors and their families to help them find senior living communities, whether that be an assisted living, memory care, or independent living community. The communities pay a referral fee (to the franchisee) that is typically 70% – 75% of a community’s monthly bed fee. Oasis franchisees focus …

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The Greatest Gift

the greatest gift by being a woman business owner

When you think of role models for your kids, who comes to mind first? If you’re like most Americans, you probably (reluctantly) jump to sports figures, rock stars, or comic book heroes, right? As a mother and a business owner, exposing my two boys to the ways the world works is a gift. One which …

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