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Franchise of the Month – Zoom Room

Zoom Room – Franchise of the Month Zoom Room is an indoor dog training gym with an emphasis on socialization and training the pet parents.  “We don’t train dogs. We train the people who love them.” The three key revenue streams in this business are: dog training classes, socialization events, and retail products. (TRAIN. SOCIALIZE. …

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

That’s the question often reserved for bright-eyed and green-behind-the-ears recent college graduates during their first job interview. But for the rest of us who have been working for most of our lives, when was the last time you were asked that question? And if you were asked it, how would you reply? As you get …

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Franchise of the Month: Winnie Couture

Franchise of the Month Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture is an international luxury bridal brand based out of Beverly Hills, CA. Currently, there are flagship bridal ateliers in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, as well as being shown in over 150 fine retail stores. Because these gowns are all custom designed, this is not a business that can be disrupted …

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The Problem Older Women Face in the Workplace

The Problem older Women Face in the Workplace

The spotlight on women in the workplace seems to be brighter than ever these days. With female college graduates surpassing male graduates consistently for over 30 years, you would think that the trend would lead to an increase of women in leadership positions and the C-Suite.(1) Unfortunately, that isn’t the case According to a study …

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The Only Reason to Buy a Business is to Sell a Business

The only reason to buy a business is to sell a business

Think About the End at the Start Often I discuss with potential franchisees when we meet not only how to start owning and operating a business, but planning their strategic exit as well. This shocks some people, because they’re just starting to explore the business and financial possibilities that come with owning and operating a …

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