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  • We had great luck to get a recommendation to get in touch with Jeremy. When we started to look for a franchise fitting to our plans and values, Jeremy helped to find the ideal concept for us. Also he understood our needs from the very beginning, he not only focused on the franchise itself, he also knows everything needed for our special requirements (we are E2-Visa candidates). Jeremy knows the business and is always reliable. He was always available for our questions and was always “up to date” – we enjoyed every single call we had with him – his advice and tips were always helpful and brought us forward in our planning. Even now everything is settled and we have found the right franchise for us – Jeremy is still there and we stay in contact – we are looking forward to visit him once we have moved to the US!
    THANK YOU for everything!

    Rebecca Ogorzolka, E2 Visa Candidate – Caring Transitions – Cary, NC

  • I really don´t know where to start. It wasn´t just finding a Franchise Business it was an exciting path with Jeremy. He was always available for all questions I had. Jeremy helped me find out what business was best for me and it was always important for him that I could identify myself with that business.
    I really enjoyed our calls for any updates on that process. He always took his time for all issues I had.

    I´m just impressed how easy the process was with him. Everything goes step by step and Jeremy always gave me good advice for all topics.
    He also takes care if you have any language barriers although you´re not a native english speaker.
    I can´t say it often enough, THANK YOU so much for everything Jeremy!!

    I´ll highly recommend you to everyone who is looking to be a franchise owner.
    With Jeremy you are in good hands. Having an own business is a serious decision in your life and for me it was important to trust someone and I couldn´t be happier that I had Jeremy who I really trust, to find a Franchise.

    Gamze Simsek, E2 Visa Candidate – Gotcha Covered – West Palm Beach, FL

  • Business ownership has always been something I’ve been interested in but never had the courage to actually explore seriously. When Jeremy initially reached out, I approached the meeting with a “why not” attitude and didn’t think it would realistically lead anywhere. Fast forward almost 11 months later and I’ve quit my job and am about to embark on full time franchise ownership.

    From start to finish, Jeremy provided invaluable guidance on a subject I knew absolutely nothing about. He was extremely accessible and had advice and thoughts on all of my questions and concerns. Even after the franchise had been selected and signed, I knew Jeremy would be available for chats about real estate, staff, and anything else that I had questions about regarding franchise ownership. Having experience running a successful business in the same market I was about to open in made him the most logical choice to bounce ideas off of.

    Without Jeremy I no doubt would have ended up in the wrong franchise or given up on the search entirely. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    Jordan Brodsky – Premier Martial Arts – Charleston, SC

  • After retiring from a long career in the financial services business, I knew I eventually wanted to work again, but had no idea which direction to take. I was referred to Jane, and boy am I happy I was. In a professional and thoughtful manner, Jane was able to help me drill down into what interested me, and how much time I wanted to commit to a new career. Jane did an amazing job!
    Steve C, Boston
  • I began my transition out of the military at the end of 2019 after serving 22 years on active duty. I met Jane through American Corporate Partners (ACP), where she volunteers her time and helps transitioning service members interested in becoming franchise entrepreneurs. When I met Jane, I had already been looking at franchise concepts for over a year and was in the last stages of negotiations with a solid concept, but I did not feel 100% sure that it was the right fit for me at this time. I explained my situation to Jane and she helped me take a step back to thoroughly and objectively analyze a variety of concepts, including the one I had been looking into, to figure out which concept would make the most sense and be the best fit based on my current financial situation, my skills, and my ultimate financial goals. After several months of research and analysis I decided on a concept I feel is the best fit and am now an official small business owner on track to open my doors at the end of September of 2021. The knowledge and support Jane provided me was invaluable and I am eternally grateful for her guidance and support. The transition from active duty to the civilian workforce is challenging and having the support from volunteers like Jane and organizations like ACP are a tremendous blessing. Thank you Jane for your mentorship and I look forward to a successful future as an entrepreneur.
    Jaime A, Miami, FL
  • I have had the privilege to know Jeremy for over 20 years. I knew him first as an outstanding banker, and most recently, as a terrific franchise consultant – partnering with Jane Stein. For anyone who is thinking about a transition from a corporate role to entrepreneurship, I cannot think of anyone better positioned to help navigate and identify the right franchise fit. He not only understands what a candidate looking to make that move is considering, he personally lived it. And with Jane’s expertise and inside knowledge of the world of franchising they are the perfect team to guide you.
    Kishore Siva – Valenta BPO – New York, NY
  • Finding a good franchise consultant is almost as important as choosing the right business model. This was clear to me from the beginning, so I initially started a very detailed and comprehensive search. In the process, I conducted many interviews with very good consultants. I came across Jane and “Your Franchise is Waiting” through a verbal recommendation from Joel Libava (The Franchise King). In the interview Jane impressed me. There are some parallels in her life with mine and I quickly got the impression that she could empathize very well with my family’s goals. So in the end I decided to use Jane’s service. Jane and her business partner Jeremy Bollington have invested a lot of time and patience. They listened, analyzed my vision for the future and who I am as a person. In addition, they have provided me with a lot of helpful information and also a lot of helpful tips and contacts besides the search for a franchise. I am sure that together we found the perfect franchise for me. I highly recommend Jane, Jeremey and “Your Franchise is Waiting”.
    Wolfgang Willems, E2 Visa candidate – Assisting Hands Home Care – Dallas, TX
  • What a wonderful experience working with Jane! I am completely new to the world of franchising and she took the time and great care to really coach me through the process and was exceptional at identifying options that fit my profile. She really went above and beyond with regards to connecting me with people who had similar experiences and concerns so I could go into the deal feeling as comfortable as possible. I never felt any pressure from her, and truly felt like I had a strong advocate who represented me very well. Highly, highly recommend Jane!
    Chrissy K (Denver, Co)
  • When my wife and I decided to start our own business, we started by doing our own research. We looked at franchises, existing businesses and start-ups. With so many opportunities out there and being new to the whole process, we found ourselves unable to focus our search. We met Jane and Terri at a franchise show and then completed their online business assessment shortly after. They were so easy to work with and spent time learning about our interest and using that information to introduce us to franchise opportunities we had not come across at that point. We were able to quickly meet with the team members from all of the franchises that sparked our interests. Through all of this, we were able to find a business that fit our needs. I was impressed with the resources they had available to help us through the process. They were a joy to work with and I would recommend anyone interested in starting their own business to give them a call.
    John Mendez, Elements Massage Thornton, Colorado
  • After many years of trying to start a business on my own, I finally realized I needed to switch to franchise opportunities. My commercial broker introduced me to Jane, via email. My commercial broker has never met Jane, but heard so many good things and thought it would be worth my meeting Jane. This journey with Jane was so simple and so easy. She has you fill out a franchise owner profile first thing. That process took about 15 minutes to answer the questions. The results were amazing. I was shocked about how accurately the results portrayed my business style, including managing and leading. It also pointed out something my wife has been saying for years, specifically my desire to have a support system around me. The next step is meeting her face-to-face. You just might get a free lunch out of it. Jane asks your spouse of few questions and then really digs in to what you want. I was a little skeptical about how quickly she slotted me into a particular type of business; however, just like the profile results, she nailed it. She gave me a few options, but really led me to a brand in the home repair sector. In my case, the process with the franchisor went so smoothly and quickly that it just made my spouse and I feel like it was the right direction. I met Jane in late October 2019, but really got things going around Thanksgiving. I’m now on pace to open my own business in March 2020. Jane only likes to set people up in high margin, executive leadership brands. Now that the curtain is raised in my new business, I cannot wait to start reaping the benefits.
    Andrew Thomas, Longmont, Colorado
  • Jane reached out to me shortly after I was separated from my job of over 13 years. We began by just having an easy conversation, which soon peaked my interest about becoming my own boss. She was very patient and spent numerous hours working to provide me with franchise options that were suited to my strengths. After a few months, I made a decision and haven’t had one moment of regret. I owe everything to Jane’s guidance. More importantly, Jane has checked in on me numerous times to see how things are going. I was a little shocked to be honest because most people close a deal and just move on. Jane truly cares about her clients, and I couldn’t be happier that I worked with her! I definitely recommend reaching out to Jane if you are curious about owning a franchise.
    Patrick Sewards CFA, Philadelphia
  • “Jane did a great job for us when we were looking to find the perfect franchise. She talked with us to learn our backgrounds, gave us some great advice unrelated to franchising, and found us the right fit for our skills and background. Jackie Burhans of CMIT Solutions Denver Tech Center
  • Jane was very helpful finding the right franchise for me. She provided multiple options with the necessary details for me to evaluate them and make a decision. She was also helpful going through the process, explaining the steps and the requirements. She also provided leads to additional resources such as CPAs & financing alternatives. She was professional and nice to work with throughout the process. M.S., Houston
  • I came across Jane by inquiring about a franchise online. When I lost interest in that franchise, Jane was patient and diligent in helping me find a franchise that would fit me and my needs. After looking at several franchises we finally found one that worked for me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find their franchise. Thanks Jane! Corby Walker, the new owner of Kitchen Tune-Up Dallas
  • Jane and Terri were instrumental in navigating me thru the world of franchising. They were attentive to my needs and very easy to work with. I would not have been able to efficiently search for franchises that are suitable for me had it not been for their breakdown and analysis of my personality and financial means. This decision was very pivotal, and their guidance prepared me for my new life as the owner of Miracle Method of Fort Collins. Shalin Patel, Owner/operator at Miracle Method
  • This was my first business venture. My very first franchise purchase. Jane made the process very easy and I always felt that I had someone in my corner looking out for my best interest. She was available and checked in even when I didn’t think I needed checking in. Her communication made the process smooth and less stressful. She was very helpful in reaching out to her resources to help me through the process and these resources were in her likeness. I could not be happier about choosing Jane to be my advocate and partner in this new endeavor. Thank You Jane! Bridget Lloyd, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jane has been so wonderful to work with. She walked me through every step of owning a franchise and gave me many options to find the franchise that would be ideal for my personality and business knowledge and my work ethic. I have owned a few businesses in my lifetime but I have learned so much from Jane. She was always available to answer any questions I had and she has impeccable communication skills. I would highly recommend Jane if you are looking to buy a franchise business. Amina Ahmed, San Diego, California
  • When I started working with Mrs. Stein at Your Franchise is Waiting, her personality and approach to finding the best business fit for me was spot on. She started out by providing a very professional, well-designed on-line tool for psychometric assessment to fully understand my values and lifestyle goals. I firmly believe based on this and other tools she utilizes, her firm was able to understanding my needs and wants right out the door. The time and attention that Jane provided me has been nothing but stellar. This was shown by the daily follow-up phone calls and emails that have helped to tweak even further what my “perfect business” would look like. Jane demonstrated her true integrity time and time again throughout our time researching together. There are a lot of greedy, dishonest franchise brokers unfortunately – as I have discovered. Jane is raising the bar for the industry. She handheld me through this lengthy process of due diligence, provided me with resources for franchise attorneys, CPA’s and lending – all of which have facilitated the process and allowed this entire transaction to come to fruition. She is and will always be a trusted partner. She deserves all of your referrals.Chris Leno, Denver, Colorado
  • I had a great experience working with Jane after a late-career layoff and decided to consider a franchise. She started by getting to know me well…my background, my strengths, my weaknesses, my interests and my goals. She then took the time to consider what made unique sense for my wife and I, allowing us to focus on the few concepts that really intrigued us and met our goals. Jane continued to stay engaged, providing additional concepts to consider, while providing great advice along the way as we worked through our due diligence process. Jane has an extensive background in franchising and a very personable approach — but most importantly, always had our best interests in mind throughout the process. I would recommend Jane without hesitation for anyone needing help identifying and investing in a franchise opportunity…she’s a great match-maker!Bill Maniscalco, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • If you are considering purchasing a franchise, I would highly recommend Jane Stein and her company, Your Franchise is Waiting. I was interested in starting a business with my two daughters who recently graduated from college. We weren’t sure which type of business would best suit us. Jane helped us match up our interests and skill sets with interesting options. With her help, we explored several different kinds of franchises, and settled on a new women’s clothing boutique. We’ve just purchased the rights to three stores and are currently looking for the perfect real estate spot for our first one. While buying a franchise is a large, complicated process, Jane guided me through all of the steps. She made it easy and exciting. So, if you are considering buying a franchise, Jane Stein should be the first person you call.Jane Abraham, McLean, Virginia
  • I had the privilege of working with Jane Stein of “Your Franchise is Waiting” and highly recommend her services to anyone seriously exploring purchasing a franchise. She is a consummate professional. Jane went well beyond just reviewing the personality/skills assessment survey to get to know my wife and I personally. I believe she does this with every candidate to ensure she completely understands the clients’ goals. Jane is committed to her client’s success.
    The decision to purchase a franchise is a major one and the process can be daunting. Jane’s experience and access to virtually all the major franchises gives her the ability to carefully match the right one to the goals/skills/personality of her clients. She was both encouraging and challenging during the process to ensure my decision was right for me. I appreciated that more than I can say. Jane is a great resource with the ability, and industry contacts, to answer the myriad of questions that come up. She was always readily accessible and quickly responded to my questions. Jane also took the time to bring industry data to the evaluation process so I had additional objective information and wouldn’t have to rely on franchisor claims or my own research. This saved me a great deal of time and built confidence in my choices.
    Anyone who is contemplating franchising should utilize Jane Stein’s services. If I purchase another franchise in the future I will definitely ask Jane to help me again.

    Jeff Reinsma, Littleton, CO
  • Thanks to Jane I am now a new franchise owner and I’m loving every minute of it. I thought that the process was going to be tedious and complicated, but thanks to Jane Stein, it was fantastic! She was instrumental in coordinating everything from franchising to financing. Anytime I had a question about business, Jane had an answer and if she didn’t she was very quick getting me in touch with an expert in the biz. She is an expert in her field and expect to get great results from her dedication and determination in helping you. Thank you Jane!
    Norma Tyree, Bay Area
  • I am a Franchise Development Manager with Rhino7 and I had the opportunity to work with Jane and her candidates through our exploration process with Scout & Molly’s. The end result was those candidates partnering with Scout & Molly’s.Throughout the entire process Jane demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She was involved every step of the way and was able to provide great insight to her candidates. These are truly great characteristics to have because business ownership can be intimidating and it is invaluable to work with someone with the experience and background Jane has. For anybody who is looking to franchise I would highly recommend working with Jane.
    Trevor Steenholdt
  • Jane is awesome to work with so if you’re thinking of buying a franchise, you’ll save tons of time utilizing her array of resources. She’ll do the research and gather the statistics you need in order to make a decision in choosing the franchise that’s right for you. It’s been a pleasure working with her.
    Roxanna Clary, Houston, TX
  • Jane has been a pleasure to work with in searching for a franchise. She has presented about a dozen businesses to me and all have been solid opportunities customized to my skill set and local business environment. She is able to quickly connect with the franchises that are of interest to me and download a ton of data to facilitate the discovery process. She has taken an active interest in my personal situation and has worked extremely hard to find the perfect opportunity that fits my needs. She will diligently follow up with you and the franchisors to keep the discovery process on track. She has a large network of contacts to assist you with financing and many other details of the transaction. I would highly recommend having Jane in your corner if you are looking for a franchise opportunity
    Bryan Capps, Brevard County, FL
  • I met Jane when I was looking for a career change and wanted to start my own business and worked together for about four months. Jane helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and provided great recommendations based on understanding my abilities, experience and preferences. I liked working with Jane because she is honest, not pushy at all and has a genuine desire to see her clients succeed. Additionally, Jane goes the extra mile to find resources or answer a question she is not sure about with a sense of urgency. I recommend Jane to anyone who is looking to explore or get a franchise.
    Talia Bond, Denver
  • In our search for a franchise, we met Jane by chance, and we are so glad we did. She guided us through the process with precision and professionalism, and we felt like we had a partner that had our best interest in mind throughout.
    Melinda Bailey, Lubbock, TX