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The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, feels that the team at Your Franchise Is Waiting will add a lot of value to your search for a profitable franchise to own. That’s why you were referred here.

Joel’s kind of a pain in the a*s.

What I mean is if you know him you know that he’s quite picky about who he collaborates with and who he refers people too. Why is that?

Because to Joel, reputation is everything. And he feels that our reputation is up to snuff. And how does he know?

Because Joel used to be a franchise broker. A caring and careful one. Just like us.

To learn more about us, the hundreds of franchises we work with, and how we can help you find the right franchise for you, fill out the form below.

We can’t wait to learn about you and help you reach your goals!

Jane, Jeremy and Terri

Jane Stein
Jeremy Bollington
Terri Furman