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Why You Should Use a Franchise Consultant

 Franchise ownership, for many, is a path to independence. Investing in a franchise is a proven career change strategy. It’s an investment in yourself with the possibility of creating a large asset that can be passed on or sold down the road. But how do you know what you are REALLY buying?  That’s where we come in.

Why should you use a franchise consultant?

There are over 3000 franchise options available out there in any given year.  Most will never get to 50 locations. Our objective is to help you find the right opportunity given your market demographics, your transferable skill sets and your funding capabilities. With our experience as industry experts we basically are there to identify and then help you sort through the options and to make sure you are getting the most important questions answered before you commit.  We are truly unbiased as far as WHICH franchise you end up investing in – we won’t be running it YOU will.  It’s not our role  to “sell you a franchise”.  We are here to help you drill down to the best fit – hitting on as many burners as we’ve identified TOGETHER are the primary attributes you are looking for to achieve your objectives.

“To me, winning as a broker is 100% about making sure the client is happy and successful,” Your Franchise is Waiting founder Jane Stein says. “I love when a previous client will call me and tell me they are happy with their investment or they are adding to their territory. When I see clients having fun with their franchise ownership and it is clear they made the right choice, that is really winning for me.”

Each type of franchise business has its merits and strengths. But, how do you know which franchise is right for you?

That’s where we come in! Here are just some of the benefits of using Your Franchise is Waiting:

  • Access insider knowledge – we often know which brands are rising and which are running into problems
  • Reduce franchise research time
  • Preparation for franchisor meeting and for speaking with other franchisees in the system (validation)
  • Better understanding of the terminology & process
  • The possibility of negotiating more favorable terms
  • Access to our proprietary tools and resources for territory analysis and industry outlook
  • Our services are offered at no charge to you – and you can’t negotiate a better deal by going direct

When it comes down to it, the final decision is yours to make; our role is to help you take all the right steps along the way!

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Franchising 101 E-Book

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